March 2022




3 key tech ideas that add value to events

Why you should know your NFTs from your IoTs and what's in it for events.

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Over the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, event planners have undoubtedly become more tech-savvy, hosting events on hybrid platforms, coordinating panel discussions online and using web-based chat functions for live Q&As The sector has not been slow to adopt new innovations, so what technology applications on the horizon will have future implications for events?

Here’s the lowdown on the latest buzz words to watch out for and why they are worth noticing.

Providing extra value with NFTs

Welcome to the world of NFTs - or non-fungible tokens, a digital asset built on blockchain technology that gives you ownership of a unique, one-of-its-kind digital item. This could be a digital work of art, an animation, a video or even a tweet. In the last year, they’ve had a big impact on the arts, entertainment and sporting worlds.

But what’s in it for events? An obvious use is offering VIP status to an event within an NFT, where delegates can get exclusive access to products, additional audio content or the chance to join a select few for an after-hours event. You can even use NFTs as gifts or in place of swag bags, offering delegates digital collectibles that are theirs to keep.

Staying connected with IoT

The Internet of Things refers to different devices connected to each other and the internet, all of which can share data. A 2020 report from Alcatel-Lucent outlines potential IoT scenarios within the hospitality industry.

These include smart devices that turn ordinary mirrors into personal interactive information stations to enable guests to manage hotel room functions, ambience and entertainment. The report says that with a simple touch, guests can connect with hotel services and access information, including local news, weather and traffic.

Other applications include autonomous indoor delivery robots that automate hotel room service. Robots can operate elevators and navigate crowds while handling tasks such as room deliveries quickly, safely and reliably.

Creating seamless flow with AI

Artificial intelligence is making its mark with regards to facial recognition, networking and chatbots. It can enable seamless event check-ins or registrations, avoiding the need for long queues and form-filling, and offer enhanced matchmaking prospects.

AI technology can focus on delegate behaviourial data such as interests and past events attended to identify the best networking matches at an event. AI-powered chatbots can be used to ‘meet and greet’, to help attendees with directions and to answer simple but necessary requests such as event timings.

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