VOL: 50 MARCH - APRIL 2018



Welcome to the March-April edition of TICA’s News Update.

As Thailand’s MICE industry continues to grow; TICA, along with all organisations concerned, are working hard to pool together resources to surpass the 22 billion baht revenue generated by the industry in 2017. Spearheading this initiative is the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB), who have driven MICE business in a direction that significantly contributes to the nation’s economy.

The strategies implemented target both the public and private sectors of Thailand and stress upon 10 designated S-Curve industries and the Thailand 4.0 initiative, a large-scale government strategy aiming to elevate the country’s development model, wherein a series of economic reforms and infrastructure projects are in the pipeline. Moreover, the core focus of these strategies remain on business travellers, who are considered quality customers with three times higher spending power than leisure visitors.

For our destination showcase, we are profiling the Central Plains region which covers many historic cities such as Kanchanaburi, as well as the flourishing province of Prachuap Kirikhan, home to the popular MICE destination Hua Hin. The Central Plains region is a diverse destination, ideal for exploring fascinating temple ruins, towering Buddha statues, expanses of rice paddies, bountiful orchards, pristine sandy beaches and majestic waterfalls and local communities for immersive experiences.

Later this year more than 40,000 distributors from various Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) companies will be convening in Thailand. As a testament to the country’s growing infrastructure and world-class venues, it is no surprise that top MLM companies from all around the world are choosing Thailand as a preferred hub for business events and distributor development activities.

I would like to conclude this message by taking the opportunity to thank all of our members for their continued commitment and support in strengthening the presence of MICE in Thailand.

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