Chiang Mai

Experience the breathtaking land of mountains, broad river valleys and heavily forested regions in the North. Here you will enjoy cooler climates and may even find frost-covered grass and leaves in the higher peaks. But the region’s distinctiveness does not only extend to weather conditions, as the people, architecture and food also offer a wonderful uniqueness.

The mountains of the North are home to many hill tribe communities, such as the Meo, Karen and Akha. The ancient temples have Burmese, Southern Chinese and Lao influences, while the cuisine is based on sticky rice rather than steamed rice. You will notice that the curries and noodle dishes are delicious, but bear little resemblance to the flavours and aromas of other regions.

Founded more than 700 years ago, Chiang Mai was the centre of the Lanna Kingdom. Today, the province has become the unofficial capital of the North with its dynamic and artistic community, and world-class tourism and MICE facilities.

The laidback ambience of this city is enhanced by hip cafes, boutiques and restaurants that line the streets, which are also dotted with stunning ancient temples and pagodas. The city’s historical sites and calming narrow lanes can be easily explored on foot or bike. At night is when the famous Chiang Mai Night Bazaar, and other open-air markets come alive, while bars and nightclubs are filled with party-goers. Large shopping centres can also be found in the city centre and its outskirts.

If you seek luxurious and comfortable five-star properties, there are several in the mountains of Chiang Mai. For those who desire a more rustic experience, the hill tribe home stays can cater to special events. You will also be nearer to the province’s national parks and other adventure facilities, such as elephant camps, hiking trails, water rafting and zipline parks. During your stay, a trip to the top of Thailand’s highest peak at Doi Inthanon is a must, and here is where you will find the verdant rice terraces of Mae Jam Village. Wat Rong Khun is another major attraction known for its unconventional Buddhist architecture.

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