Thai bank forecasts 23 million Chinese tourists in Thailand by 2030

Chinese tourism to Thailand could increase more than twofold during the next 10 years according to Krung Thai Bank Research Center.

This article was originally found on Thailand Business News.

Krung Thai Bank Research Center predicted that in the next 10 years, Chinese tourists will increase by 6.9% per year on average, reflecting the increase of purchasing power of the Chinese middle class.

Growing from 160 million in 2019 to 334 million in 2030 worldwide due to increased purchasing power, Chinese visitors to Thailand should then reach 23 million by 2030 making Thailand the number one destination for tourists from China.

“The changing population structure will create around 33 million new Chinese tourists, with most Chinese tourists aged less than 35 years old, able to access information online and able to travel on their own.” - Dr. Phacharaphon Nantharamat, Senior Director Of Krungthai Compass Research Center Chinese tourism to Thailand could increase more than twofold in the next 10 years given that statistics over the last year show that around 11 million Chinese visited Thailand.

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