Vol: 34 July - August 2015
Directory : TICA’s new 2016-17 MICE Guide to Thailand
Work has now begun on TICA’s 2016-17 MICE Guide to Thailand. Published once every two years, this extensive member directory and MICE guide is an invaluable source of information for industry members.

Work has already commenced on the highly anticipated 2016-17 edition of TICA’s MICE Guide to Thailand, for which Premier Print Thailand has been awarded the project. Set to be published in the first month of 2016, this new directory promises to deliver the same high quality print production as the highly successful 2014-15 edition, as well as some exciting new features.

For the 2014-15 edition, TICA produced a digital version of the MICE guide, together with an 8 GB flash drive, both of which were distributed to trade fairs all over the world. In addition to these drives and directories, a brand new interactive mobile app was produced, providing a host of functions which allowed MICE planners and other users alike to understand and gain more information about Thailand. For the upcoming 2016-17 edition, a newly designed and updated phone app will be included, which promises to be even better and faster than its predecessor, and another 2,000 8 GB flash drives will be produced and distributed.

New to the guide this year will be the use of QR codes in all TICA membership profiles. These codes, which can be scanned in the print version, or clicked on and/or scanned in the digital version, will in turn link to whatever the client requires, whether it be a website, video presentation, e-presentation, or e-newsletter. It’s an exciting innovation that will only increase TICA’s MICE Guide to Thailand’s already outstanding functionality.

“This is a not-to-be-missed opportunity for all the members of TICA,” says Mr. Ram Sachdev, Managing Director of Premier Thailand. “This publication, both the print and digital version, will assist in communicating members’ products and services to the people who matter most — in Thailand and around the world.”

“If TICA members have any comments or suggestions on how to improve the directory, we want to hear from them,” added Mr. Sachdev. “We’re all ears!”