The Royal Paragon Hall has been accredited 3 international standards certificates, including; ISO 20121: 2012 Event Sustainability Management System; ISO 22301: 2012 Business Continuity Management System and; TISI 22300: 2550 MICE Security Management System, thus acclaiming and reinforcing the credibility of its status as “The World-Class Venue in the Heart of Bangkok” with a strategic location and premium brand, expecting to continuously grow by 15% in 2018.

Mr. Talun Theng, Managing Director of Royal Paragon Hall, talked about this milestone on the occasion of the honorary certificate ceremony, saying, “The success of Royal Paragon Hall in the past years is highly indicated in the positive feedback from all our clients. The Royal Paragon Hall has been chosen to be the venue for various major events at national and global levels, thanks to our strategically convenient location and our highly experienced team. These 3 ISO and TISI certificates will increase our credibility with both local and international clients, assuring high standards of venues. Furthermore, the Royal Paragon Hall will continue to develop its premium image, which reflects positively on our clients' images in venues concerning environment, economy and social aspects in every detail of our operation. Sustainability event management is a significant trend at international levels and the Royal Paragon Hall will continue to be committed to the success for all sectors equally.”

The Royal Paragon Hall is a leading venue of international level with a premium image, and a capacity to cater to various types of events. Most of its clients are MICE events, concerts, and other special events. Its marketing strategy has been designed under a framework called MICE3 - in which E3 refers to E = Exhibition, E=Entertainment and E=Event. Over the past decade, the Royal Paragon Hall's business has had a growth as high as 10%-15% each year on average.

These 3 ISO and TISI certificates will help to maintain the expansion of Royal Paragon Hall's 70:30 client ratio, locally and globally. It will elevate the standard reputation of Thailand’s MICE industry to the level of other venues around the world. Moreover, Thailand will also receive more opportunities to organize international events, bringing positive elements to the economy and social aspects of Thailand.

Pannee Angsusingha, the President of of MASCI in the name of inspector, evaluator and ISO and TISI certificates granter, said, “Fast moving and unpredictable situations are threats that affect business, stakeholders' profits and even the reputation, image and valuable activity of an organization. Therefore, sustainability is the key to bringing awareness to economy, environment and social aspects, as well as providing credibility and accountability towards clients. These are the current challenges presented to organizations and to which they need to be prepared, to respond and to effectively resolve in crisis. The Royal Paragon Hall has been certified ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management System (BCMS), TISI 22300 MICE Security Management System (MSMS) and ISO 20121 Event Sustainability Management System (ESMS) respectively from MASCI with its integrated management for high flexibility of the organization. The Royal Paragon Hall shall be continuing its business smoothly, aptly prepared for the next unconventional challenges in this fast moving and uncertain business environment, ensuring clients and visitors to Thailand. The Royal Paragon Hall demonstrates Thailand's capacity as a leader of sustainable MICE management at a regional and global level.”

TCEB President Mr. Chiruit Isarangkun Na Ayuthaya said, “Business Administration these days always puts business continuity management on the table, including risk management. Sustainable management, which takes into consideration the impact on the environment and social aspects, is also very important. The MICE industry is one of the business lines that take this roadmap into account, as it is a key element for consumer decision when procuring an event. This also creates point of purchase for Thailand’s MICE entrepreneurs due to their competitive advantage as Thailand has been further improving as an event destination.

Meanwhile, the Royal Paragon Hall recently took the opportunity to give back to its business partners, contributors, and general public, by setting up a seminar entitled “Sustainable Event Management” represented by Ms. Janet Salem from UNEP Asia Pacific. The speaker shared her knowledge on event management sustainability, incorporating environmental concerns and efficient resource management, while maintaining the premium standard venue.

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