It is my pleasure to welcome you to our year-end issue of the MICE Update. 2017 has been a progressive year, which saw Thailand welcoming 1.28 million MICE visitors, yielding a total revenue of approximately US$ 3.1 billion. China made up the largest segment followed by India, with both acting as major contributors to the Incentive market. There were 109,000 MICE travelers from European territories, with the highest numbers from the United Kingdom. Moreover, the United States remained strong with approximately 45,000 visitors, and the remaining balance came from the Asia Pacific region.

TICA has been busy as usual this year furthering our many activities, especially the continued progress in educating, training and developing not only various personnel within the MICE industry, but also the academic front. Thailand has become more than just a holiday destination with improved efficiency and professionalism present in its many industries. In combination with world-renowned hospitality, charm and outstanding value, Thailand will continue to grow as an inspirational MICE destination.

After being recognised as a gateway to ASEAN, Thailand’s role as a leading MICE center has been further cemented. With its central geographic location and two major airports serving over 34 million passengers, the City of Angels is also a bustling logistics hub for access in and around ASEAN.

Additionally, the launch of the prestigious Michelin Guide to Thailand this December has given the Thai culinary scene increased publicity. Three establishments received the coveted 2 star rating, and 14 others received 1 star each. This is wonderful recognition of the high standards of food available in Thailand, whether it be fine dining in 5-star establishments or the vibrant street food found on nearly every corner.

With countless benefits Thailand has to offer the world, the time has arrived for us to consolidate our strengths and help each other in moving the MICE industry forward. To the best of its ability, TICA will continue to provide all support possible, whether in marketing communications, road shows or training. With teamwork, careful planning and unity, we can all play a role in propelling the nation to the forefront of the world’s MICE business.

I would like to conclude by taking the opportunity to say thank you to all our members and friends of Thailand for their consistent support throughout, and to wish each of you a very prosperous and happy 2018.

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