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ASEAN faces a pivotal year ahead: As an economic bloc, it has a unique opportunity to build on economic gains and capitalize on manifold investment opportunities.

The international world order is undergoing a tectonic shift – the US is preoccupied with domestic issues, Brexit is rattling the EU and China’s trajectory towards global dominance appears unchecked. Against this changing backdrop, the future of the bloc of ten southeast Asian countries is in limbo. Can ASEAN seize the opportunity and transform itself into a powerhouse capable of challenging the new global paradigm – if not, will its influence erode? The way the political and business leaders of this bloc react to the current climate will be key in determining ASEAN’s future. Thought it was originally conceived to address geo political stability in the heart of a dynamic and diverse region, ASEAN’s key driver now is economics – it is the engine that drives rising incomes and prosperity. As an expanding middle class gets wealthier, international companies tap domestic markets, local businesses push ahead with international expansion and technology impacts every facet of daily life, Bloomberg Live convenes the 4th Bloomberg ASEAN Business Summit in Bangkok on July 12th.

Join us for a day of invigorating solution oriented discussions as we bring together market moving international and regional CEO’s, government leaders, policy makers, entrepreneurs and thinkers. Backed by Bloomberg’s unmatched journalism, data and analysis, the summit will discuss pivotal opportunities and the main challenges facing ASEAN which will allow the region’s leaders to make smart choices and informed decisions so ASEAN, a huge market of over 630 million people, can control its own economic destiny.

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