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25 July 2018 Bangkok: TCEB accelerates the enhancement of MICE venue standards in a successive manner after having received effective responses from MICE entrepreneurs. ‘Thailand MICE Venue Standards 2018’, which is the marketing communications campaign formulated to drive market penetration using digital network, aims to create awareness and encourage general public to remember the certification mark. It is expected that 175 Thai MICE venues nationwide will be certified this year, lifting up the confidence of international events to select Thailand as their MICE destination.

Mr. ChiruitIsarangkun Na Ayuthaya, President of Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (Public Organization) or TCEB, disclosed that key mission of TCEB focuses on driving MICE industry to soar as an economic sector that generates income for the country with capabilities to compete with international competitors, according to government policy that requires MICE to serve as a tool for domestic economic stimulus and local income distribution.

“This year, TCEB has the policy to enhance the image of Thailand as an ideal destination for meetings, conventions and exhibitions, by focusing on increasing the awareness and encouraging our target and general public to remember the certification mark or Thailand MICE Venue Standards (TMVS), basing on the intentions to campaign the enhancement of service quality among Thai MICE venues nationwide and to raise the confidence of MICE organisers, as well as domestic and international prospective users. Through the ‘Thailand MICE Venue Standards 2018’ marketing communications campaign, manifestation of Thailand’s MICE capabilities will be conducted through digital network in line with mainstream communication in the modern world and the Thailand 4.0 policy vision that Thai government has developed as economic development model.” said Mr. Chiruit.

The ‘Thailand MICE Venue Standards 2018’ campaign will communicate with the target using key strategy called the 4 Create 1 Connect, which embraces Create the awareness of campaign; Create pleasant image of Thai MICE; Create the confidence among prospective users and Create understanding in organisation’s mission and vision, all of which are meant to initiate good connections with alliances and entrepreneurs, basing on the main concept “International standards you can trust. Guaranteed by Thailand MICE Venue Standards”. The campaign will encourage users and general public to remember and rely on the TMVS certification mark in regard to emphasise the readiness, as well as to create trust and pleasant image of MICE venues that offer diverse choices of international standards, which will serve as the tool for expanding business opportunities for Thai MICE entrepreneurs, and thus pave the way for long-term growth and sustainable success. Key communications platforms include Youtube, Instagram, Google Display Network, Content Facebook Introduce, Landing Page and Email Marketing (EDM), which are real time streaming systems that report the presence of readers and users’ clicks. Moreover, TCEB has joined hands with two online media alliances with expertise in events, including ZipEVENT, which is a dedicated platform that compiles reports on all events held in Thailand for visitors to browse through events of their interest as the system recommends happenings that suit users’ preference; Event Banana, which is an online marketplace for searching and booking of venues for meetings, seminars and events with convenience and speed. The two platforms have gained high popularity among target users. Furthermore, other media and public relations activities will be added during July 2018 to March 2019.

It is expected that the ‘Thailand MICE Venue Standards 2018’ marketing communications campaign can reach up to 1,000,000 target users who acknowledge the campaign. Frequency of campaign communication is estimated at 7,000,000 times in order to reach target users efficiently. Mr. Chiruit further explained that MICE is considered a service business. Hence, systematic certification is definitely crucial. TCEB has initiated the TMVS certification since 2014. Overall results have seen respective progresses and wholehearted responses from participated MICE venue entrepreneurs. Currently, the number of Thai MICE venue entrepreneurs with TMVS certification in convention and exhibition categories registered 315 venues from 791 rooms nationwide. This year is the first year that TCEB has begun the inspection of Thailand’s MICE venue standards in Special Event Venue category, with respect to serve the expansion of businesses with demand for venues for special occasions. For example, entertainment or events involving history, culture and tradition, with the aim to deliver new experiences to visitors. Holdings of these types of events will impact income distribution in all regions of Thailand, according to the government policy, as well as enable the improvement of quality of Thailand’s MICE industry to flourish in the same direction.

At present, from last October to July 2018, the number of entrepreneurs who request the TMVS certification registered 147 venues. TCEB has foreseen overall achievements of certification as follows (tentative): 175 venues of entrepreneurs who receive certification, including 128 conference rooms with certification request; 150 venues of entrepreneurs who receive certification, including 4 exhibition rooms with certification request; 5 venues of entrepreneurs who receive certification, including 15 Special Event Venue with certification request. In addition, 20 other venues of entrepreneurs who receive certification are expected to achieve by the end of the current fiscal year. Announcement of entrepreneurs who receive 2018’s TMVS certification will be made on 14 December.

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